ABout us

At addiction treatment center our recovery programs are uniquely created for each person who enters our rehab. We provide the most effective, evidence-based treatment for substance abuse. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, you are not alone. We concentrate on compassionate attention that is designed to enhance the overall wellness and health of our patients in an atmosphere that engages the senses as well as the spirit. Choosing a rehab facility can be a confusing process due to the variety of options available.

We offer an open-ended treatment program with an average 30 – 60 day stay. Our experienced staff will help you create a program that is best suited for your unique needs. With our addiction treatment program, you can have a great start with a solid foundation and a program that you can accept and believe in.

Our inpatient rehab program is a new alternative to the typical Minnesota Model 12-Step Program offered by many facilities. Our programs offer clients a chance to find their own path to addiction recovery and reap the many benefits of this unique and successful approach to rehabilitation. Aftercare programs are great for recovering addicts because they provide continuing guidance and support during the person’s attempt to reintegrate into society.  These programs offer sober living homes, classes, counseling, job assistance and many other helpful programs to ensure relapse prevention and to give the individual a sense that he or she is not alone.