1.UPMC’s Mobile Addiction Recovery Center to make weekly stops in Elizabethville


Its mobile Center for Addiction Recovery is making weekly stops in Elizabethville, Dauphin County to serve the critical need for treatment in areas where resources are limited. (abc27.com)

2.Addiction treatment program for frontline workers launched at Colorado recovery center


The stress of the pandemic on frontline medical workers is well documented. And that stress has led some in the medical and first responder community to seek relief through alcohol and drugs. (kdvr.com)

3.One should never be alone during addiction recovery


Never Alone Recovery Hall (NARH) founder Don Roberts and his Board of Directors are forging a new path for peer recovery support services offered on the Flathead Reservation. (charkoosta.com)

4.How Amy Winehouse’s legacy is helping women in addiction recovery


Amber left rehab 18 months ago. She’d been staying at friend’s houses or her partner’s with no place of her own to call home. (bbc.com)

5.The truth about addiction recovery: 5 dangerous myths


individuals, families, and communities. It carries burdens of emotion, finances, social support systems, community agencies, healthcare, and even the justice system. (starbeacon.com)





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