1. Forty Percent Of Dementia Cases Could Be Prevented Or DelyedModifying 12 risk factors over a lifetime could delay or prevent 40% of dementia cases, according to an updated report by the Lancet Commission on dementia prevention. (sciencedaily.com)

2. Too Much Alcohol Has Taken the Deadliest Toll in These States

Over a five-year period, an average of 255 Americans died per day from causes linked to excessive alcohol use, new federal data shows. (usnews.com)

3. FDA Clamps Down on Companies Selling Hangover Treatments

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning letters to 7 companies for selling unapproved products that claim to cure, treat, or prevent hangovers. (psychiatryadvisor.com)

4. Excessive drinking responsible for 255 deaths per day in the U.S.

Excessive drinking was responsible for an average of 255 deaths per day in the United States from 2011 to 2015, according to research published in the July 31 issue of the U.S. (medicalxpress.com)

5. Estimates suggest drug overdoses on the rise since the coronavirus outbreak

Treatment facilities are seeing firsthand more instances of drug abuse and more relapses since the initial coronavirus outbreak. (foxnews.com)

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