1.Once sidelined by addiction this treatment program helps men earn their GED

For so many Kentucky’s struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, their abuse started at a young age. it certainly did for Joseph Bentley and other men he’s met while living at the Crown Recovery Center in Springfield. (spectrumnews1.com)


2.Housing units proposed for people recovering from addiction

BENNINGTON — The Select Board is considering grant applications seeking a total of $1 million to develop recovery housing units in two downtown buildings for up to 17 people dealing with addiction. (benningtonbanner.com)


3.New alcohol, drug addiction treatment center opens in International Park

New alcohol and drug outpatient treatment center will open its doors for business Wednesday in Hoover. (hooversun.com)


4.Windsor graduate finds hope after RE/ACT addiction and trauma recovery program

WINDSOR, ONT. — “I lived with mental health. I have (borderline personality disorder), anxiety and depression,” says Vanessa Copeland.(windsor.ctvnews.ca)


5.Opioid addiction treatment slow to catch on in state

South Dakotans battling addiction to opioids are increasingly relying on medication-assisted treatments to overcome their cravings for the dangerous drugs and to avoid potentially deadly overdoses. (brookingsregister.com)


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