1. Pandemic Is Changing Addiction Care, for a Better and Worse

pandemic is shaking up America’s approach to addiction treatment, but the fallout hasn’t been all bad, experts say. usnews.com)

2. Health organizations: FDA puts the public at risk by allowing Philip Morris ‘heated cigarette’

Setting a dangerous precedent that puts kids and public health at risk, today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the marketing of Philip Morris’ IQOS heated cigarette as a “modified risk tobacco product” (medicalxpress.com)

3. Marijuana use while pregnant boosts risk of children’s sleep problems

The Journal of The National Sleep Foundation, the paper is the latest to link prenatal cannabis use to developmental problems in children and the first to suggest it may impact sleep cycles long-term. (sciencedaily.com)


As part of the Government of Canada’s rapid research response to COVID-19, the COVID-19 and Mental Health (CMH) Initiative has developed a user-friendly website, covid19mentalhealthresearch.ca, to support the immediate mental health services needs for Canadians who need it most. (covid19mentalhealthresearch.ca )

5. A quarter of drinkers consuming more during a lockdown

More than a quarter of people who have ever drunk alcohol think they have been drinking more during the lockdown, according to research commissioned by Alcohol Change UK. (drinkanddrugsnews.com)

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