1.Ask Amy: Addict in recovery wonders about disclosure

I was in a very mentally and physically abusive relationship with my first husband (the father of my children), and he has since passed away.(denverpost.com)

2.The Sober Life received a $540K grant to help people fight addiction

 For almost three years, a program called The Sober Life has been helping people in recovery overcome their addiction.(krtv.com)

3.New laws strengthen addiction recovery support

Two important state bills drafted to help support those recovering from substance abuse issues and their families received unanimous endorsement in the state (dailyitem.com)

4.New alcohol, drug addiction treatment center opens in International Park

The Birmingham Recovery Center is in a 7,500-square-foot building in the International Park office complex off Acton Road that formerly was home to Noah’s Event Venue. A ribbon-cutting was held Tuesday morning.(hooversun.com)

5.Recovering addicts weigh in on NY opioid settlement money

johnson & Johnson has settled with New York state for $230 million after being sued by the state for its alleged role in the ongoing opioid epidemic. (spectrumlocalnews.com)


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