1. The immune system facilitates alcohol addiction

The activation of the immune system could eventually perpetuate some of the deleterious effects of alcohol, like an addiction. (medicalxpress.com)

2. Impaired learning from regret and disappointment in alcohol use disorder

The development of alcohol habits is considered a form of maladaptive reinforced learning, with sustained alcohol use resulting in the strengthening of associative links between consumption and either rewarding. (nature.com)

3. During COVID-19, the fight against addiction continues at home

As the country continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, we cannot lose sight of the ongoing crisis of substance misuse and addiction. (foxnews.com)

4. Drug possibly laced with fentanyl causing overdoses in Kenora, Ont.

A new drug is circulating the streets of Kenora, Ont., and now first responders are starting to see more people overdosing from it, including one man who was declared dead upon arrival after he was found unconscious and not breathing. (cbc.ca)

5. The Immune System Facilitates Alcohol Addiction

According to their observations, the cells of the immune system that reside in the brain, called microglia, are responsible for the change in geometry that grey substance undergoes in the presence of alcohol, clarifies Dr. Silvia de Santis, a researcher at the Institute of Neurosciences in Alicante and first signatory of the article. (neurosciencenews.com)

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