1. 5 Years, No Fatal ODs: Study Finds ‘Safe Injection Sites’ Can Save Lives

Safe injection sites for users of illicit drugs such as heroin: They’ve been tried and legalized in countries such as Canada and the Netherlands, and a new study suggests they might save American lives, too. (usnews.com)

2. Neighborhood factors associated with heavier drinking

People in wealthier neighborhoods drink alcohol twice as frequently as people in poorer areas, suggests a new study from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health (medicalxpress.com)

3. Low levels of THC in marijuana don’t increase crashes while driving, study finds

Smoking marijuana containing low levels of the drug’s main psychoactive ingredient does not increase most drivers’ risk of a crash even though Canada’s impaired-drug laws would penalize them. (thepeterboroughexaminer.com)

4. Mama June, mom to Honey Boo Boo, says she used $2.5K worth of meth a day with boyfriend

Mama June from TLC reality show Here Comes to Honey Boo Boo recently revealed details about her troubling drug addiction, which she says cost her and her boyfriend up to $2,500 a day. (globalnews.ca)

5. Rats’ Brain Activity Reveals Their Alcohol Preference

Not everyone is prone to developing an alcohol use disorder. Some people can drink every day without acquiring a dependence, yet far less drinking may drive another person into addiction. (neurosciencenews.com)

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