1. Does ‘mommy Brain’ Last? Study Shows Motherhood Does Not Diminish Attention

Mommy’s brain’ is a long-held perception that mothers are more forgetful and less attentive. A new study shows that mothers are equally as attentive, or more attentive than. ( sciencedaily.com )

2. Stigmas Identified in Nurse Practitioners’ Attitudes Toward Managing Mental Health Conditions

Researchers conducted a cross-sectional study to assess nurse practitioners’ attitudes and beliefs regarding working with individuals with a mental health disorder. (psychiatryadvisor.com )

3. Beliefs About Cannabis Influence Older Adults’ Choice Of Treatments For Chronic Pain

Pain levels and quality-of-life issues have little influence on older adults’ decisions to treat chronic pain and other long-term diseases or conditions with cannabis or opioids, a new study found. (medicalxpress.com )

4. Closed Borders Leading To More Dangerous Street Drugs: Opp

Drugs resistant to a widely used antidote for overdoses turning up in ‘purple heroin’ ( cbc.ca )

5. Scientists Gain Detailed Images Of How A Protein That Calms Brain Activity Works

Cryo-electron microscopy captures detailed snapshots of the GABAB receptor protein contorts as it interacts with GABA. ( neurosciencenews.com )

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