Cocaine Addiction Stories: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction happens to rank second among the drugs that are heavily used nowadays. It has claimed thousands of lives regardless of status, race, gender, and weight. They have overdosed and misused this regulated substance even there are warnings that it is against the law and is against Life. There are numerous celebrities who have passed away due to drug-related causes over the years. This revelation does not stop at the twenty-something age bracket since there are police reports that showed twelve-year-old students from affluent families have been users since the age of 10.

It is important to know everything there is about Cocaine addiction so you can keep your eyes open for reasons, symptoms as well as the possible treatment.

1. Reasons for a Possible Addiction
• Low Grades
• New but influential friends
• Low self-esteem
• Family Problems – Divorce, Unwanted Pregnancy, Change of Residence

2. Short Term and abrupt Signs of Cocaine abuse
• Weight Loss
• Extreme Emotions – Irritable now, cheerful the next
• Sleeplessness with bloodshot eyes

Should you discover your child to be taking drugs, the first phase is quitting immediately. This is the hardest thing to do and there will be a very painful time called withdrawal. Brace yourself since you will see your child experience the following:

– Paranoia
– Hallucinations
– Dizziness
– Diarrhea
– Disorientation
– Craving for another hit
– Depression
– Chills
– Fever
– Severe Agitation

By admitting your child to a rehabilitation center for Cocaine addiction, proper medical attention will be administered to him. It’s such a challenge to see your child writhing in pain if you decide to dry him out at home. The moaning and shouting will surely break your heart but if he will be attended to properly and professionally.

I hope this Cocaine Addiction Stories help.

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