In 1986, I was diagnosed with a rare disease in the retina of the eye called serpiginous choroiditis. There were no drugs to combat this disease and laser surgeries were the only means of stopping its progression.  Following five laser surgeries over a 13-year period of time, I was designated as legally blind and told that it would be beneficial to start learning Braille. I was told that there was nothing more that could be done. 


In November of 1998, my beloved partner Diana Rose read a book to me, written by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, entitled the Miracle Man.  Upon completion of the reading, I indicated that I must go to Brazil to receive my miracle from the healer known as John of God. At this point, I could still read large print and I could drive around the immediate community as long as I knew where I was going.


Believing that an instantaneous miracle would restore my eyesight, I hired a translator who spoke Portuguese and proceeded to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania Brazil for a one and a half day stay.  I sat in current twice on the first day and received a spiritual operation in the surgery room on the second morning. While I was sitting in the surgery room, I felt someone blowing in my ear. I remember thinking that they should be working on my eyes, not my ear.  Since I did not understand the severity of my surgery and since I didn’t feel anything, my translator and I proceeded to tour the countryside and even spent many hours shopping for crystals in the city of Crystalina. This action was exactly the opposite of what we were told to do following surgery.


By the end of the day, I was exhausted and began to realize that I had truly had a major operation.  It was too late! I had ignored the warnings and my eyesight began to get worse. When I arrived back home, my ability to read had diminished to almost zero without strong magnification and my ability to drive had ended.  When asked if I would ever go back to Abadiania, I answered: “No, unless I receive a clear message from God!” Approximately three weeks after my return, John of God came to me in a dream. When I asked him if I should return to the Casa de Dom Inacio, he said: “Yes, two more times.” Without the ability to read the TV monitors in the airports, nor the ability to speak Portuguese, I returned on my own in May of 1999 for three days and again in August for three weeks.  Following the May trip, my eyesight returned to where it was before going in January. Following the August trip, my eyesight began to improve significantly.


I began to notice that each time I returned from Brazil my eyesight would improve significantly but start to degrade after a couple of months.  In December of 1999, I visited the Casa for three weeks and had my most profound experiences, insights, and improvement in eyesight. I returned home and resigned from my job.  My eyesight has improved ever since and has never degraded to this day. I can now read again for short periods of time and I drive wherever I want to go even in minimal lighting conditions.  I lead a normal life again and work from my home office using my computer to communicate with people around the world who want to know more about the Casa de Dom Inacio and John of God. Blessings of perfect health, peace, and happiness to you and the ones you love.


Bob Dinga

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