Substance abuse treatment is an inherently personal process. Substance abuse, after all, is a personal problem, one that can only be overcome by virtue of profound personal effort. Like it or not, no one else can get better for you in a substance abuse treatment facility. If you’re going to get sober, in other words, it’s going to be because you make it happen.

The practical implication here is that the best treatment center is the one that aims to empower its patients. Recovery is not and can never be imposed from the top down. Instead, it has to come from the bottom up, in a way that’s uniquely meaningful to each and every individual client. Ironically, then, the drug rehab center that does the most for its clients is in many ways the one that best recognizes the limitations of its own power. In the end, a facility can only give residents the skills and support they need to achieve sobriety on their own terms. After that, everything else is up to the residents themselves.

At least one Malibu treatment center understands all this. The center’s rehab programs are specially designed to empower residents without infantilizing them, in a way that recognizes the fundamentally personal nature of the rehab process. In the end, that sort of philosophy is the only one that can be expected to achieve long-term success. Here’s hoping you can muster the courage to find that out for yourself.

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