Heroin Addiction

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs on the street. Its derivative is morphine, which is actually the same as for opium poppy. Heroin is considered to be a “downer drug”. Many people become heroin addicts because they were seeking a drug that would help them to feel happy and peaceful. A lot of Heroin Addicts who started using heroin began the journey because they had severe pain and needed something to help lessen the pain.

Heroin Addicts

Heroin addicts do not become addicts on purpose. The drug is a highly addictive one, especially for folks who are in chronic pain, physically and emotionally. There are some people who try this drug because they did not feel like they fit in with the rest of the world and when they used heroin, they suddenly felt “normal” and could talk socially and relax, so they thought that the drug was helping them because they no longer were hindered in the social atmospheres.

Unfortunately, the drug does not end up helping people long-term. Heroin ends up making life a lot worse for many folks and they cannot stop doing it, no matter how hard they try, with their own resources. As most Heroin addicts know, this so-called miracle worker comes with physical reactions:

• Vomiting
• Lack of appetite
• Critical weight loss
• Inability to function
• Depression
• Suicidal thoughts and tendencies
• Feelings of impending doom

There is hope for heroin addicts and their friends and family members. A person does not have to remain addicted to this drug, or any other drug. The key to kicking the habit though is not about will power. An individual has to be ready, be at “rock bottom” in his or her life. He or she has to really want to stop using heroin and use the same methods to quit as he or she did to get the drug. As some of the old-timers in drug rehabs and detox centers, or drug rehab meeting rooms, would say, “To quit using a drug one has become completely addicted to, he or she has to go to any lengths to stay away from it.”

Ways to Kick the Heroin Habit and Heroin Addiction:

One might think that detox and rehab are enough assistance for heroin addicts to quit using the drug and get back to normal: routine in life. There are a few other aspects of kicking drug habits. One might suppose that this scenario could be compared to quitting cigarette smoking, as cigarettes are quite an addictive product too. In order to quit smoking, a person has to use many methods and change their life completely in order to stay away from smoking. Heroin addicts need to use some of the same methods but work even harder at it, as heroin is even more addictive than cigarette smoking and even worse of an addiction than crack/cocaine.

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