Considering that Oxycontin is one of the most prescribed painkillers in the nation, it is no surprise that so many people need the help of a halfway house in Florida in order to move past it.

If you personally do not have an issue with Oxycontin, then chances are that you know someone who does. Some people accuse Oxycontin addiction of jump-starting the nationwide opioid epidemic, while others simply say that many doctors were far too lax when prescribing this medication to patients.

Oxycontin changes the naturally occurring chemicals in the brain, ultimately meaning that it changes the way the brain works. In the same family as heroin, it is no wonder that Oxycontin addiction has run as rampant as it has throughout the past years.

Check out this guide from your halfway house in Florida on how to spot an Oxycontin addiction.

Oxycontin Addiction Red Flags

Since doses are designed to be every 12 hours, if you notice that someone is taking them more often than that, then this is a sign that someone has an Oxycontin addiction. While the medication is meant to be taken as a pill and swallowed, many addicts will crush it up and snort it, smoke it on tinfoil, or dissolve it in water and then inject the solution. If you notice any of the above behavior, then it is a surefire sign that the help of a halfway house in Florida is needed.

Oxycontin Addiction Symptoms

Common Oxycontin addiction symptoms include:

– Constant cravings and compulsion for Oxycontin

– Continuing to use the drugs despite the negative effects on their personal life

– Disorientation, or a lost sense of time

– Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when Oxycontin doses are lowered or interrupted

– Mood swings

– Needing more Oxycontin to get high

– Poor sexual performance

– Preoccupation on how to get more Oxycontin

– Secretive behavior

– Spending all money on acquiring drugs

– Strong urge for more Oxycontin

– Taking larger and more frequent doses of Oxycontin

– Turning to criminal acts to get more of the drug

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

The good thing about dealing with an Oxycontin addiction is that it is treatable. While it may not be easy to deal with, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the help of a halfway house in Florida. Awakenings for Florida will provide you with the stable support system you have been looking for, thus enabling you to focus on staying sober and on the path to recovery. Once here, we can help you navigate your way towards securing a job, maintaining a schedule, and repairing any broken bonds with loved ones.



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