What you might not realize is that there are definitely some serious negative effects of painkiller addiction that you need to be made aware of. These effects can seriously alter the life of an addict and it is definitely a good idea to read this information. If you are struggling with an addiction to painkillers.

Because this might be a relatively new habit that you have formed so you’ll be able to stop it a lot easier once you read these negative effects and realize that you have to make some changes rather really quickly. So please keep reading this information so that you can get a good understanding of how painkillers will affect you as an addict.

Painkiller Abuse Negative Effects

There are definitely some very serious personal negative effects that you need to be made aware of. I’m not necessarily talking about the physical side effects that you will experience in your body, but more like the ways that these painkillers are going to completely affect your life. Most people don’t talk about this normally but this is such a big part of painkiller addiction that I feel the need to mention this so that you can see firsthand what it is you are either experiencing and you don’t know it, or you are about to experience. So let’s dig in a little bit further now.


One of the first things you can expect to happen once you do choose painkillers over your friends and family is a lot of bad relationships are going to sprout up out of nowhere. I guess it’s not really out of nowhere, because these relationships are going to turn sour even though there were once very good relationships with people that you love and care about. The reason why you’re going to struggle with these individuals is because they care about you and they don’t want to see you throwing your life away by destroying yourself with your painkiller addiction.

So they are going to do things that are going to feel like they are harassing you, and they are going to probably yell at you a lot and tell you to stop taking the painkillers because they’re harming you. But you need to expect this because the people in your life that care about you the most aren’t going to want to sit back and watch you destroy yourself. And that’s exactly what you’re doing with painkillers so you definitely need to expect to run into a lot of confrontation with the people that you care about.

And if you’re not ready to deal with all this confrontation then you should either walk away from these people and not look back, or do the right thing and stop taking the painkillers that are ruining your relationships to begin with. I know you might be feeling some temporary effects that possibly even seem like they’re helping you in some way, but the ultimate long-term effects are not going to be healthy, and you’re going to be so addicted to the substances that you’re on that your body is physically not going to be able to come off of them easy.

Another thing that you will probably experience because of your addiction to painkillers is trouble a work. You’re going to have a definite difficult time completing your tasks at work, and the painkillers are going to take over so much that you’re going to stop caring about your job altogether eventually. The only thing you’re going to end up caring about is the painkillers themselves, and that’s just sad because nobody wants to be ruled by a chemical that they have to put their body. But that’s what’s going to happen eventually if you stay on these painkillers long enough. So if you can come off of them relatively easy then you should because you’re going to save yourself a lot of misery and grief.

The last type of emotional effect that painkillers cause addicts that I’d like to mention is a false sense of euphoria. You’re going to believe that life is great and that everything is going swimmingly while you are on your painkiller medication, but the second you come off of them, if you’ve been on them for an extended period of time, withdrawal is going to be extremely difficult because your brain chemistry is not going to work properly anymore and you’re not going to be able to feel euphoria at all for a while until your body becomes normal again.

So you might be enjoying your brief sense of bliss, but if you ever decide to quit taking painkillers you are going to be in for a lot of misery for a while until your body begins to function properly once again. So these are the emotional effects that abusing pain med can cause you. They certainly aren’t fun and they can be downright painful so you might as well give up this problem now before it really spirals out-of-control.


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