Drug addiction is a complex disorder that can involve virtually every aspect of an individual’s functioning in the family, at work, and in the community. Because of addiction’s complexity and pervasive consequences, drug addiction treatment typically must involve many components. Some of those components focus directly on the individual’s drug use. Others focus on restoring the addicted individual to productive membership in the family and society.

Once addicted, people tend to go on to the bitter end suffering severe consequences related to health, finances, employment, and family. The cravings are so powerful, some people state that drug addiction is the worst of them all. The most effective way known to effectively treat addiction is in an addiction treatment program. An addiction treatment facility can provide medical stabilization for addiction, as well as, psychiatric stabilization. After the detox is complete, the treatment for addiction is found in participating in a variety of clinical groups and dealing with the triggers that lead to addiction. Addiction treatment can last up to 35 days in drug rehab and should be followed by a comprehensive relapse prevention plan and aftercare. Recovery from addiction is possible, but only with a complete commitment to treatment.

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