1. Cirrhosis Cases Rising Among Women in North America

Cirrhosis disease burden in women has increased substantially since 2000, according to a study presented at The Liver Meeting. (psychiatryadvisor.com)

2. Long-term data shows racial and ethnic disparities in the effectiveness of anti-smoking measures

Tobacco control efforts have reduced cigarette smoking for many, but those efforts have disproportionately helped white smokers, while other racial and ethnic groups are still struggling. (medicalxpress.com)

3. Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

Provides the action plan for the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) for the years 2021 through 2026. (ccsa.ca)

4. Brexit opens the door to tougher anti-smoking measures

Brexit offers the UK opportunities to strengthen its world-leading tobacco control measures, by creating greater flexibility to respond to industrial action and market developments, according to new research from the University of Bath. (newswise.com)

5. GLP-1 receptor signaling in the laterodorsal tegmental nucleus attenuates cocaine-seeking by activating GABAergic circuits that project to the VTA

Emerging preclinical literature suggests that targeting central glucagon-like peptide-1 receptors (GLP-1Rs) may represent a novel approach to treating cocaine use disorder. (nature.com)

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