1. Jail can make drug addiction worse. Oregon decriminalizing hard drugs can break the cycle. – NBC News

We owe it to the nearly 50,000 people serving time for drug possession and to the untold numbers yet to be arrested to give them the same chance I got to turn their lives around.  (nbcnews.com)

2. Can Memory Manipulation Treat Alcohol Addiction? – Technology Networks

However, in rodent models of an alcohol use disorder, studies have shown significant impairments in the ability of an alcohol-withdrawn rodent to attenuate fear memories and behaviors by extinction learning. (technologynetworks.com)

3. Chronic alcohol use reshapes the brain’s immune landscape, driving anxiety and addiction – Science Daily

“We found that chronic alcohol exposure compromises brain immune cells, which are important for maintaining healthy neurons,” says Reesha Patel, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow in Roberto’s lab and first author of the study. (sciencedaily.com)

4. Bordentown Rotary Club continues to spread awareness on addiction with the third annual Rotary 4 Recovery event

The event included those in attendance walking in a circle around Bordentown Beach three times to honor the 3,000 people in the State of New Jersey who has passed away due to an addiction to drugs this year so far. (centraljersey.com)

5. The artificial intelligence-based tool may help diagnose opioid addiction earlier

“Opioid use disorder has led to a very serious epidemic in the U.S. and many other countries, with devastating rates of morbidity and mortality due to missed and delayed diagnoses. (medicalxpress.com)

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