1. Debate over Oregon’s Measure 110 on drug decriminalization, increasing addiction recovery – KATU

Oregon has one of the highest rates of addiction in the country, yet when it comes to access to treatment, the state ranks near the bottom. (katu.com)

2. Addiction recovery and mental health training available in Skagway – KHNS Radio

John Hilscher from Skagway’s Dahl Memorial Clinic says that can exacerbate the already isolating experience of addiction recovery. (khns.org)

3. ‘I changed’: Recovery specialists show a way out of addiction – NorthcentralPa.com

“But there is treatment,” says Joseph Lee, another of West Branch’s certified recovery specialists. (northcentralpa.com)

4. Why professionals, depressed and anxious, are developing addictions during Covid – The Guardian

Lawyers are especially vulnerable to substance abuse; they already have high rates of depression, anxiety, and alcoholism, and many are struggling. (theguardian.com)

5. Treatment works: Axis I Center seeks to help drug/alcohol addicts recover – The Augusta Chronicle

To be effective, treatment must address the individual’s drug abuse and any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems. (augustachronicle.com)

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