There are a million addicts all over the world that if you used a GPS tracker you’d be surprised that even in your own neighborhood, several names would pop out and be found even if they are hiding in their cellars. It is a global epidemic that hits just about anyone regardless of their age, gender, race or religion. It is just as deadly as any disease known to man and the first step to this addiction recovery is to come up with a way to not bring it back again like a recurring nightmare.

What needs to be done is to get to the bottom of this addiction. All your questions must be answered no matter how difficult it is to accept. Remember that no one is wired the same and no one is bothered by the same problem that ignited a person’s desire to reach out for the easiest way out. That is why there is professional medical assistance that would act as mediators between you and the person – may it be your spouse, child, parent or a loved one.

This situation is all about the addict who wants to go through his addiction recovery so do not think you failed to give reasonable advice or some presence in their lives – sometimes it is no one’s fault. All you have to do is help them see that the light at the end of the tunnel is not another rolled-up joint, a prism of light bouncing off a bottle or the glare of an aluminum foil waiting to be burned.

There are phases or stages toward complete addiction recovery. The first one is complete cessation of usage – which is the hardest part; lifestyle change next and the last is the acceptance and hope of a cleaner and addiction-free life.

I hope these Addiction Recovery Stories help.

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