Female-Specific Detox Program

Whether you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, a female-specific detox program helps women lead more productive and healthy lives. A detox program treats common medical problems associated with women such as anxiety disorders and postpartum depression. A women’s addiction detox program can also treat females with self-esteem issues. Learn more about detox programs to discover how it can help women recover from addiction.

Commit to Recovery

The first step of beating addiction is to commit to a recovery program, but many women avoid treatment for a variety of reasons. Some females don’t want to be labeled an addict and might not receive support from the family. Women will have access to support groups in an addiction recovery program. They will also have a professional relationship with a therapist.

Another common reason why women avoid treatment finances. Females might also not be able to afford childcare when they are in a recovery program. Many detox programs accept health insurance and offer payment plans for treatment. Some recovery centers provide on-site childcare to help ease financial burden and separation anxiety.

Pregnant women and single mothers are often apprehensive to receive treatment for addiction. Expecting mothers might question how an addiction recovery program could influence their pregnancy in a negative way. Single mothers avoid treatment because they think child protective services might take their children away. Many addiction treatment programs for pregnant women address poor nutrition, the health of the fetus, and domestic violence.

Why Choose a Female-specific Detox Program?

Women require specific treatment needs for addiction recovery. Female-specific detox programs focus on whole-person treatment that addresses specific areas such as body image, life-fulfillment, and eating disorders. Many women develop addictions and eating disorders when they are uncomfortable with their bodies. Women also abuse drugs and alcohol because they are dissatisfied with their lives. Detox programs also teach about the rapid onset of addiction, which tends to be common in women than men.

Issues with self-esteem can sometimes be connected with addiction problems in women. Many females don’t receive encouragement from a positive support system. Weight problems and pressures to look a certain way can trigger self-esteem issues in women. A women’s addiction detox program can help females develop a positive self-outlook about themselves and their lives.

It’s likely that certain medical issues will require treatment in an addiction recovery program. It’s possible for women to catch infectious diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV from excessive drug use. Females with an addiction problem can develop emotional and behavioral disorders. Women can also experience issues with reproduction such as infertility and early menopause.

What Makes a Women’s Addiction Detox Program Different?

It’s common for women to develop co-occurring disorders when they are battling an addiction of some kind. Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs when a woman endures a disturbing event such as abuse or a near-death experience. This condition can be treated with a combination of counseling and medication.

Post-partum depression is one of the most common medical conditions experienced by new mothers. Women might feel depressed for no reason at all. Many mothers show little interest in the well-being of their children. Common feelings associated with postpartum depression include anger, anxiety, and fatigue. Other symptoms include unwanted thoughts, weight gain, and insomnia.

A variety of anxiety and mood disorders are associated with addiction in women. Many women with a substance abuse problem have social anxiety. They also have trouble dealing with stressful situations in a healthy manner. Mood disorders are also common in women with addiction. This type of disorder makes it difficult for women to control their moods. Females often lose their temper for no reason at all.

Women can greatly benefit from a female-specific detox program. Although some women are hesitant to receive treatment, it’s important for females to be committed to recovery. Recovery programs focus on whole-person treatment, which includes eating disorders and self-esteem issues. It’s also important to treat re-occurring disorders in women such as post-traumatic stress disorder and post-partum depression. Start an addiction recovery program today to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.